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PMC Lighting was founded in 1991, in Warwick, Rhode Island. We are a family owned and operated manufacturer of quality lighting fixtures. We specialize in custom fabrication and will do the jobs other manufacturers can’t.

Over the last 20 years, we have made significant improvements in all facets of our business. Our factory utilizes state of the art progressive tooling, engineering expertise, computer software and skilled technicians. By making these investments in equipment and people, we can be innovative and responsive to the changing needs of our customers. We have earned a reputation for innovative design, quality craftsmanship, and creative adaptability, further defining our role as a true lighting solutions provider.

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Your creativity doesn’t have to come at a cost… Free expanded color pallet with the designer in mind.

Did you know our expanded color options are free to you? Our wide range of RAL color options allows you to match branding or paint colors, blend in a fixture, or add a unique pop or accent color, all at no additional charge.

With a variety of colors and styles, you can instantly upgrade the look of your fixtures with our powder coated marble and granite finishes or our variety of different stains and colors of our wood grain powder finishes.

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BUILD-2-SPEC Basic Principles


PMC will work with you to create a Build-2-Spec luminaire that will be sure to turn heads, save energy, and perform beyond expectations.


PMC has the capability to modify standard product to satisfy requirements of a specific application or meet the needs of the designer’s aesthetic preferences.


Does your application call for a specific color scheme? Is your client interested in keeping their brand consistent throughout their space? PMC can powder coat luminaires in any color to match brand identities or add a high level of style to a space.

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Warwick, RI

Founded in 1991

Made in the USA

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08/10/2022 in New Releases, News

Introducing Quick Ship

We aren’t slowing down. We’re speeding up! PMC Lighting’s Quick Ship Program has arrived. Four of our most popular fixtures will ship in 10-15 days of a processed order. QS-ES44,... Read More
07/19/2022 in New Releases, News

Introducing ArcX-M

PMC Lighting Introduces ArcX-M Add shape your space with our newest addition to the ArcX family, ArcX-M! These low profiles rings and patterns are available with multiple suspended mounting styles…

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05/04/2022 in New Releases, News

Introducing Rinata

PMC Lighting Introduces Rinata Our ultra-miniature LED downlight system is the perfect combination of lens and reflector.  Rinata focuses on clean design, premium performance, precise angle alignment, superior glare control,... Read More