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September 2020

PMC Lighting Staff Announcement

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Carol Robertson Retirement

After nine years service to PMC Lighting, our Inside Sales and Project Manager Carol Robertson will be retiring effective today, 9/30/2020. We are appreciative of all of Carol’s hard work and dedication to her role. She has built numerous, solid relationships with our rep partners over the years and was an integral part of setting up a system to track and handle our quoting. She also created data packages to allow our sales team to VE and cross over competitive packages. Carol was also instrumental in setting up checks and balances on quotes, orders, and specification requirements.

We will miss Carol’s positive presence in our office. Please join us in sending her the very best of wishes for all good things in the future! If anyone would like to send a personal message to her and keep in touch, she can be reached at 

Moving forward, Melissa Hagan, will be responsible for our Inside Sales and Project Management. Please update your email list with this new contact information.

New Additions to Our Peri-Mittari Family

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PMC Lighting is pleased to announce new additions to our peri-mittari family of perimeter luminaires, E3126.  While the flush-lens perimeter E3126 is represented by a single model number, multiple options for aperture width, mounting style, and optical diffusers make this model configurable to fill many needs.

The features of E3126 include:

  • Snap-in lenses to control light distribution for Diffuse, Asymmetric, Bat Wing, Wall Graze and Wall Wash applications.  Asymmetric lenses are reversible in fixture for toward or away from the wall output
  • 3 cross sectional profile widths, 2.5″, 3.25″, and 4.0″
  • Mounting options for all common ceiling types
    Continuously illuminated direct output with corners available
  • Customizable under PMC Lighting’s Build2Spec program
  • Color, tunable white, pur-led, and bios lighting options available
  • Wet location available

Learn More Here

If you have any questions, please contact your PMC Regional Manager.

Eastern Region- Larry Crystal
Western Region- Jim Smith


PMC Lighting Showcase: The SUNY Albany ‘Palm Trees’ Project

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After Upgrades

At PMC Lighting, we are often presented with challenging projects that call for creativity and precise engineering. In fact, our Build-2-Spec projects are known to become some of our favorites. This project at the University at Albany, State University of New York is one that is on our memorable list. It highlights our ability to design and engineer custom fixture solutions combined with our industry-leading lighting technology.

Before Upgrades

First…a little history.The buildings at SUNY Albany were built over the course of several years in the 1970s and were designed with slots cast into the concrete structure.  The buildings have square concrete support columns with four angled slots on each side of the square for a total of 16 slots.  The result looks like a palm tree. The first iteration in the 70s was done with fluorescent fixtures which were then retrofitted later on with newer fluorescent.  With our modern focus on energy efficiency, the University decided it was time to upgrade these fixtures. The challenging part: the fronds are angled on one end and the ceilings are concave…and SUNY Albany has 1,100 of these ‘palm trees’ with 16 fronds each throughout the campus.

Before Upgrades, SUNY Albany Library

How did PMC Lighting learn about this project? During LightFair 2017, held in Philadelphia, PMC’s Larry Crystal  was introduced to Bou Reed from Guth-DeConzo Consulting by David Konarski (Principal, Outside Sales) of Ferrini-Konarski Associates. After some discussions, a rough draft of the work and preliminary drawings were in hand. Later, after several site visits by Larry and PMC Lighting’s Director of Product Engineering Craig Nevers, we presented a true custom solution and won the contract due to the labor savings that our unique design offered.

(L) PMC Lighting’s Director of Product Engineering Craig Nevers Visits SUNY (R) A View of the Palm Trees Project

We are building whole new linear fixtures that fit these concrete slots, with LED lighting, electronic wireless controls for on/off and dimming, and a new lens structure that fits to the curved ceiling and is pulled into place to match the curves which can vary throughout. The fixtures take this into account and can be built to match whatever the particular building presents for sizes.

In these multistory buildings, the palm trees repeat from floor to floor. The building support columns that form the trunk of the trees repeat one on top of the other on all floors. While viewing the building from the outside, you can see stacks of palm trees, not just trees spread over one floor. We continue to work through the campus building by building as we continue their upgrade process. Stay tuned for more updates on this project!

PMC Lighting’s AIA Accredited Course: Multi-Function Lighting Platforms – Hybrid Solutions for the Modern Work Environment

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Beginning Wednesday, September 9th, PMC Lighting will be hosting a weekly webinar on our new AIA HSW presentation:
Multi-Function Lighting Platforms – Hybrid Solutions for the Modern Work Environment
This course is worth 1 AIA HSW/CEU Credit. (CEU 2020 AIA Course Number: 2020.3)
For information on how to be sure you get proper credit for the course click here.

Commercial LED lighting systems have in recent years become the conduit for scientific and technological deliverables that contribute to the comfort, health, safety and wellness of the corporate workforce. Today’s lighting technologies, including antimicrobial, circadian, human centric and acoustical solutions, can be grouped together in a single product platform to provide multi-function hybrid lighting solutions. These unique configurations can help maximize their overall effectiveness in an installed environment while providing the economies of a single product platform with multiple deliverables.

The objectives of this course:
  • Identify and acknowledge the various elements in a corporate work environment that are of importance to the general workforce. 
  • Understand recent advancements in the area of science and LED lighting technology, specifically as it relates to addressing antimicrobial, human circadian, human centric and acoustical applications. 
  • Appreciate the benefits of integrated scientific lighting technologies in providing a comfortable, healthy and safe work environment.
  • Learn of new and developing capabilities to integrate multiple lighting solutions into a single product platform for increased client effectiveness and project cost efficiencies.
This course is ideal for Architects, Interior Designers, Lighting Designers, Engineers, Design-Build Contractors, End-Users, Owners Representatives, Facilities Managers, Operations Managers, Healthcare Professionals and Administrators
We offer four sessions. Register for your preferred session below.