pūr-led™ and COVID-19

By 03/16/2020News

PMC Lighting has fielded many inquiries regarding our pūr-led™ family and its ability to fight COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Vital Vio hasn’t tested against Coronavirus directly because it is only available in a few labs in the US and not for external testing. That being said viruses don’t contain the molecule activated by the wavelengths in pūr-led™ powered by Vital Vio products. Bacteria, mold, yeast, fungi and spores, which also contribute to widespread illnesses much more frequently, do contain those molecules. Fun fact: often viruses can be transmitted or moved for longer periods of times through these other organisms which Vital Vio technology does kill.


Viruses are also more likely to spread through droplets from coughing, sneezing etc. so hygiene is the strongest asset in the fight as we are sure you have been reading. Our products target the germs, with this molecule, that last and lurk on surfaces in every facility we all use in our everyday lives. Overall the importance of deployment of our products is to prevent these types of issues by being ahead of the curve to start with, even though one of the many types of germs are not impacted. We aim to target those ongoing and systemic issues.


People are suddenly getting more convinced that prevention is a better approach to germs than epidemic spread which is very aligned with our products continuous approach to germ control.


Vital Vio doesn’t have a Coronavirus claim at this point but pūr-led™ powered by Vital Vio products do impact a significant amount of everyday germs that impact us all very frequently on a more regular basis.
For more information about the pūr-led™ collection please view  https://www.pmclighting.com/vital-vio/

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