Tunable Lighting is Here…

By 06/03/2016News

One of the most exciting new LED lighting technologies today is tunable lighting. PMC Lighting is currently offering tunable lighting with its Aura LED technology in downlight product families Clarus LED and Sylinteri.

Look for additional options in tunable lighting in late 2016 to linear product families including Nelio LED, Silea LED, Pallo LED, Peri-mittari LED and Alumiini LED.

“The Aura technology offers the lighting designer the flexibility to add varying levels of white light in order to achieve desired levels of warm or cool temperature.” said Larry Crystal, President of PMC Lighting. “PMC Lighting is introducing this technology to the lighting community and has been demonstrating how this technology allows a flexible illumination of different environments, can mimic circadian rhythm, or in the case of color tuning – add drama to a space simply by allowing the user to choose different levels of saturation or hue.

Aura LED Technology is perfect for lighting Designers looking for:

  • Perfectly Natural Light
  • Dimming from 100% to 1%
  • Industry Leading color rendering (Ra) greater than 90, throughout the tuning range
  • Consistent color over the life of the module
  • Wired or Wireless Control
  • Accurate and Consistent
  • Connectivity for Groups and Scenes

For technical information on Aura – see our brochure here.

For more information on Aura or any PMC Lighting Products, email us or call 401-738-7266

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