About PMC Lighting

Who We Are

Founded in 1991, PMC Lighting is a family owned and operated manufacturer of quality lighting fixtures. Located in Warwick, Rhode Island, PMC is centrally located on the eastern sea-board, nestled between New York City and Boston. This affords our company the opportunity to capitalize on technological advancements as well as superior design and engineering influences from this area while maintaining our small town work ethic, experience and pride.

Over these 20 years, we have made significant improvements in all facets of our business. Our factory utilizes state of the art progressive tooling, engineering expertise, computer software and skilled technicians. By making these investments in equipment and people, we can be innovative and responsive to the changing needs of our customers. We have earned a reputation for innovative design, quality craftsmanship and creative adaptability, further defining our role as a true lighting solutions provider.

Where We Work

More than a slogan, we are a true US producing manufacturer. We use local vendors for the vast majority of our components and purchase our raw materials, aluminum and steel, from domestic suppliers. All of our designs are engineered, fabricated, assembled, packaged and shipped from North America.

Our state of the art progressive tooling is equally matched by our experienced and dedicated team of employees, driving us to create the highest quality luminaires and premiere lighting systems available today.

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What We Believe

There should be no limit to the opportunities that lighting can inspire. Our products are instruments to create truly signature lighting solutions. We understand that good product design is an evolving process. Once an innovative design is created and produced, the need for the next evolution to the concept begins to emerge.

In fact, many of our current designs were initially custom solutions that resolved design constraints for a specific customer. To be inspiring, lighting must be flexible to the individuality of an application. This is where we at PMC excel, offering quality performance products customized to their unique application.