Aesthetics and Function: PMC Lighting’s Products Deliver Non Traditional Lighting Options

By 01/29/2020News

In our modern world, we want performance; specifically, products that deliver the results that the manufacturer offers. On the flip side, we want this functionality to be combined with aesthetically-pleasing exteriors. Can we have it all? With PMC Lighting’s lighting collections, designers, architects, and specifiers will find that the answer to this question is: YES.

Basic, traditional lighting is still available; but why not explore non-traditional lighting to make commercial spaces more than just utilitarian areas? 

pur led powered by vital vio

Disinfecting Function 

Vital Vio’s White Light Disinfection® Technology can be added to PMC Lighting’s luminaires to  deliver the disinfecting power of Vital Vio. We can integrate Vital Vio technology to any application or aesthetic preferences. We create a precisely engineered luminaire that meets your space needs with the benefit of infection control. pūr-led™ luminaries have clean, modern, and stylish looks to achieve the perfect blend of design form and disinfecting function for any room or structure.

Restore Circadian Rhythm and Promote Better Sleep

PMC Lighting’s luminaires can be easily fitted with BIOS® SkyBlue® circadian solutions to produce the healthy “blue sky” light signal needed to stimulate human circadian biology. This specific light wavelength communicates directly with human biology to regulate circadian rhythms, provide healthier sleep patterns and ultimately, better health. Having an improved circadian rhythm can positively impact daytime productivity and overall feelings of well-being to a variety of workers. BIOS SkyBlue technology can be integrated into virtually any architectural light fixture and is intended for use in a variety of daytime environments, such as offices, classrooms, hospitals, etc.

Mitigate Noise with Akustik

PMC Lighting Inc.’s akūstik lighting fixtures provide high quality LED lighting as well as noise mitigation in the installed environment. Wrapped in sound deadening material, Akūstik fixtures are wrapped in sound-deadening material and can help reduce ambient noise by absorbing sound instead of reflecting it. That feature can reduce the negative effects of a noisy environment, while still adding beauty and style to various environments where reduced noise is desirable. 


Our ArcX Collection gives designers the ability to create a sense of movement with curved, free-form luminaries that can flow through hallways, circumvent lobbies, or soar over offices. Ranging from understated to bold, ArcX lighting can keep branding consistent throughout a space. By using personalized colors or whimsical shapes, a building’s lobbies, office spaces, and hallways can come alive and make a statement with modern, fresh lighting.


PMC Lighting custom designs lighting fixtures that are created to meet a desired specification. Designers can play with light, color, and shape. Each luminaire is manufactured to perfectly bring a brilliant idea to life. PMC collaborates with designers and specifiers to create lighting and luminaires that inspire and delight onlookers, but also deliver energy efficiency and control options for ease of use.We think beyond the traditional or standard. We can now meld beautiful lighting with disinfecting capabilities, sound-reducing features, and tunable technology.

PMC would love to answer any questions you might have about our catalog of products. We can combine several functions to create the optimal lighting for your project. Contact a sales agent for more information.

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