AKUSTIK AK9094 & AK9096: Noise Mitigation in Stylish Fixtures

By 06/22/2021News

PMC Lighting is happy to announce the expansion of our AKUSTIK family of products that not only provide high quality LED lighting, but also noise mitigation in the installed environment.  AK9094 (top) and AK9096 provide efficient LED Lighting surrounding large expanses of our sound deadening material to help reduce reflected sound, in turn reducing the negative effects of a noisy environment.


AK9094 is a square or rectangular format fixture up to 4′ x 4′ in size.

AK9096 is a round format fixture available up to 4′ in diameter.

Both are available with a wide range of options including a variety of both panel and housing colors, lumen output levels from 350lm/ft up to 2200lm/ft, antimicrobial light output, circadian light output, tunable and colored light output, and mounting choices including recessed, surface and suspended options.

AK9094 and AK9096 are both customizable under PMC Lighting’s Build 2 Spec program. For inquiries about adding AKUSTIK noise reducing fixtures to your project, contact us regarding your custom needs.

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