Akustik: The Right Choice For Noise Reduction

By 12/04/2019News

How often to find yourself distracted when you’re shopping or working? Do you find it difficult to concentrate on tasks? Do you feel like the world has the sound set at maximum? 

Almost every environment we find ourselves in is noisy..and just keeps getting louder.Such every day locations as office environments, hotel lobbies, restaurants, and educational facilities are not immune to this distracting and stress-making noise. With the increase in open floor plans, hardwood floors, and other sound-reflective surfaces in public spaces, this ambient noise level is only going to increase. And with this increase in noise comes the inevitable increase in stress that it causes on the body. Elevated blood pressure and heart rate and chronic headaches are just some of the physical manifestations this stress can cause. The big question has been how to decrease these effects.

PMC Lighting has created one way to reduce ambient sounds…and that is our Akustik collection. 

 PMC Lighting Inc.’s Akustik Series of lighting fixtures not only provide highly tailorable high quality LED lighting, but also provide noise mitigation in the installed environment. Wrapped in sound deadening material, Akustik fixtures can help reduce ambient noise by absorbing sound instead of reflecting it. With a rating of .45-.90 NRC, the material used to wrap the luminaire has been proven by the manufacturer to reduce overall noise in the environment. That, in turn, can reduce the negative effects of a noisy environment.

PMC’s Akustik family of products bring luminaires with Direct, Indirect and Direct/Indirect outputs of up to 2200lm/ft to the workplace environment. With the addition of matching Lightless Panels, the workplace can be fitted with sound deadening fixtures that make a real difference in the office noise levels. With PMC’s Build-2-Spec capabilities, not only do we provide standard luminaires in 3 different cross-sectional sizes from 3.5” wide x 10” tall to 3.5” wide x 16” tall, but we can custom-tailor a sound deadening solution to your specific needs. Contact an agent to start reducing noise for your project today.

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