Providing healthy, low energy lighting that promotes improved sleep, better health and well-being.

About BIOS® Illuminated

BIOS® SkyBlue® lighting solutions contribute to satisfying Circadian Lighting Design Feature 54 under the WELL Building Standard v1 and Feature L03 under the Well Building Standard v2. BIOS SkyBlue also meets other features within the WELL Light Concept, including coloring quality offering 83+ CRI and R9 values at 90, visual comfort metrics, and higher m/p ratios than traditional LED lighting.

BIOS® + Well Building Standards

BIOS® SkyBlue® Lighting Solutions

PMC Lighting is proud to offer lighting embedded with BIOS® SkyBlue® circadian solutions to produce the healthy “blue sky” light signal needed to stimulate human circadian biology. This specific light wavelength communicates directly with human biology through a non-visual photoreceptor to regulate circadian rhythms, providing healthier sleep patterns and ultimately, better health.

BIOS® SkyBlue® lighting solutions is designed to provide the specific circadian stimulus required to improve overall sleep quality, allowing our bodies to better recover during the night. Having an improved circadian rhythm can positively impact daytime productivity and overall feelings of well-being. Our understanding of the eye and its various functions has grown significantly since the discovery of a new photoreceptor in the eye in 2001. Since this discovery we have learned the eye is responsible for more than just vision, it actually serves multiple purposes: Our visual photoreceptors (rods and cones) allow us to see color, contrast, motion, and detail in our surroundings, while this new non-visual photoreceptor (ipRGCs) assists in driving our core biological functions. This new photoreceptor is most sensitive to wavelengths of light in the “sky blue” region and is solely responsible for sending signals to our bodies’ internal clock. These signals help our bodies delineate between day and night, allowing it to organize a myriad of biological processes while also reinforcing larger behaviors such as sleep and alertness. Interestingly, this non-visual photoreceptor’s contribution to vision is minimal, and consequently, all standard electric lighting to-date has ignored this “sky blue” wavelength, eliminating the valuable biological signal our bodies evolved around. Compounding this is the fact we spend more than 90% our time indoors under standard electric lighting, creating an environment in which our bodies are in a state of constant “twilight”, where they do not receive sufficient biological stimulus during the day and too much at night, essentially confusing our day/night cycles. Symptoms of this include, but are not limited to: an inability to go to sleep in the late evening hours or an unwanted burst of energy in the early morning hours waking you sooner than you would like.

BIOS® Dynamic SPD v Traditional LED SPD

BIOS® Dynamic SPD v Tunable White SPD

BIOS is the only company that has designed a light source which provides the natural blue sky signal our bodies and internal clocks are seeking during the daytime. This BIOS SkyBlue technology addresses and helps remedy the perpetual “twilight” our bodies currently exist in, mitigating the drowsiness during the day and the restlessness at night. BIOS and PMC Lighting are excited to partner to provide biologically optimized solutions in a variety of color temperatures and form factors, enabling the light fixtures to maintain the visual appearance specifiers and end-users want, with the biological stimulus our bodies need. BIOS SkyBlue technology can be integrated into virtually any architectural light fixture and is intended for us in a variety of daytime environments, such as offices, classrooms, hospitals, etc.

How BIOS SkyBlue® Bio-dimming™ Solutions Work

By partnering with BIOS SkyBlue lighting solutions, PMC Lighting is proud to offer it’s clients a range of luminaires, customized to fit your particular need and design aesthetic.

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