Build2Spec: From Start to Finish

By 05/24/2019News

PMC Lighting’s Build-2-Spec philosophy is focused on the creation of custom shapes, finishes, and colors to complement your unique, individual space. First, we craft a luminaire outside of the traditional, then we further create a memorable space when we combine this functionality with fashion finishes (such as wood grain or custom colors) and serviceable options like our AURA color tuning technology or sound absorbing acoustic solutions. PMC delivers fixtures that uniquely combine form and function.

We know how important color and finish are on our finished products. We have options that can make your lighting memorable and stylish.

RAL Colors

RAL is a color matching system for paint, coatings, and plastics. Utilizing the RAL color classification system allows PMC to ensure a precise color match and provide consistency and uniformity among multiple pieces. There are hundreds of colors to choose from that will provide a beautiful matte finish that is resistant to UV light, abrasion, humidity, and corrosion. Our range of standard options allow you to match branding or paint colors, to blend in a fixture, or add a pop of color, all at no additional charge.

Wood Grain Finishes

If a wood-like finish is more in keeping with your decor, our wood grain powder finishes create a seamless finish that mimics the look of solid wood. With a variety of different grains and colors available, wood finishes ranging from light bamboo to dark walnut can be achieved. Complete with graining and knots, this powder technology provides long term durability and protection, as well as a life-like appearance. The powder coating finish has the beautiful appearance of wood while being available in fixture configurations difficult to achieve in real wood. Like our RAL color finishes, it helps protect the fixture from UV and humidity damage, resulting in an extremely low maintenance luminaire.

Other Options

Beyond color and finish, changing the color of light to suit your mood or time of day is another option. Our AURA tunable solutions allow for customized output, 2 to 5 chip color mixing, and a choice of control methods, allowing for perfect light to shine.

PMC Lighting has earned its reputation in the design community for our custom and semi-custom lighting fixtures. We know that not all projects are the same and not all lighting fixtures should be the same either. For more information on how we can bring your project to life, contact us or find an agent.

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