Where is PMC Lighting located?

Warwick, RI

What is Build 2 Spec?

‘Build-2-Spec’ fabrication can take on many forms, whether it is a small adjustment, a new & unique idea, or taking a standard product and merging it with the latest technology by adding color-changing LEDs, tunable white, or another request your specification might require. 

PMC creates ‘Build-2-Spec’ solutions for your project outside of traditional or standard product shapes, sizes, configurations, and colors. Made in the USA since 1991, PMC creates energy-efficient, quality performance products adaptable to a specification’s unique application. 

Learn more about our Build-2-Spec program here!

Do you have a Quick Ship program?

Yes! 15-day shipment from the received date of a clean processable order. 

Learn more about our Quick Ship program here.

What is your QuickShip program? 

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How can I find an agent near me?

Check out our find an agent page to find an agent near you:  

Where can I find your product brochures?

Check our our marketing resources page to view our product brochures: 

Do you have any new product releases?

We release new products often, check out our new releases page to stay up to date:  

Where can I find your project photos?

Check out our projects page for photos and information on our projects:  

I’m an agent, how can I access the agent portal?

Access the log in for your portal account here: