Improved PMC Website!

By 05/04/2017News

PMC Unveils New Website with Easy-to-use Product Filters
While PMC is continuously working on improving and creating lighting products for the marketplace, we also realize the importance of creating an easy and quick way to source products. After months of work, PMC Lighting is rolling out its new website.
“The goal was to create a sales tool for our reps. We wanted to create a website that would answer any questions about our products.” said Craig Nevers, Chief Engineer at PMC Lighting. “Having multiple filtering options gives the website-browser the opportunity to pinpoint the products that are the best for a particular project. Some of the product filters, to name a few, are organized by light distribution, aperture size, light type, product family, and more.”
Once a product is located, you can easily locate detailed specification information for each. These details will make it easier for the customer to have a better understanding of the product specifying for a project.
Below is a screen shot from the new website filter page. Each filter has a drop-down menu with available options for each:
Some additional features to the website are the “Gallery” section, a “News” section, “Locate an agent section”, and a password-protected “Agent Portal”. The agent portal has pricing information, recordings of past webinars, and more.

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