June 2019 PMC Lighting Featured Agent of the Month: Bell & McCoy

PMC Lighting introduces our June Featured Agent Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls-Houston.

This month, PMC Lighting’s Western Regional Sales Manager, Jim Smith, highlights our agent in the South Texas market, Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls-Houston. Formed in 2006, Bell & McCoy focuses on the relationships with their manufacturers and customers. Our partnership extends beyond our work in the Houston TX area and includes Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana territories. 

“Over the past decade, PMC Lighting has been a great partner to Bell & McCoy. Larry Crystal, President and CEO of PMC Lighting and Jim Smith, our RSM, have been extremely helpful in assisting us with very high-profile projects,” shares Jim Mohr, General Manager of Bell & McCoy.

One of these projects was the Memorial Hermann Medical Center.

Memorial Hermann Medical Center, Houston

“As plans came together for the expansion of the Memorial Hermann Medical Center in Houston TX, Bell & McCoy was challenged with developing a product solution for a wall mounted linear lighting application,” Jim Smith explains. “Jim Mahalick, Specification Sales representative with Bell & McCoy, approached us with this unique product requirement. Using our Build 2 Spec mindset, a custom solution was developed that would satisfy both the performance and aesthetic requirements of his customers, WHR Architects and EYP Architecture and Engineering.”

Mohr explains this project further. “The hospital design team had very specific requirements for a wall mounted fixture to light all of the hospital corridors. They desired an aesthetically pleasing, high-performance fixture that would be easy on the eyes for patients as they were transported around the hospital.  We turned to PMC to help us design the fixture, provide a sample, and meet the budget parameters. Ultimately, we secured the order and shipped over 8,000 feet of custom, wall-mounted product.”

Smith continues, “Jim Mohr and the installing contractor, Fisk Electric, had specific mounting and wiring requirements that needed to be engineered into the product solution. From fixture design to manufacturing and installation, PMC Lighting’s engineering team was able to meet all the necessary requirements with a Build 2 Spec lighting solution that led to this successful project application.”

E9010 in the Texas A&M Engineering Building. 

“Another high-profile project recently completed was the new Engineering Complex at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX.” Jim Mohr explains. “When working with the architect on a fixture option to illuminate the classrooms, we looked to PMC Lighting and their suspended fixture families. The architect ultimately selected the ‘E9010’ Alumiini series and everyone involved is extremely happy with the end result.”

Our work with Bell & McCoy on both the Texas A&M and the Memorial Hermann projects ultimately progressed so that we were able to base our new Alumiini product, the E5068 WALL, on the pre-production work that we did for these projects. Bell & McCoy certainly gets some credit for the design of the wall-mounted portion of the new Aluminii series. 

Our new Alumiini product, the E5068 WALL, based on the pre-production work that we did for Bell & McCoy.

Mohr sums up the relationship with PMC Lighting. “At the end of the day, PMC manufactures high-quality products and is a pleasure working with on a day-to-day basis. It’s great knowing that Larry is just a phone call away if we need his help and we consider them a great partner. We look forward to working with them for years to come and greatly appreciate being selected as their June ‘Featured Agent of the Month’.

We agree that our relationship with Bell & McCoy is one we continue to look forward to and cultivate in the coming years.

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