LED Technology Update

By 02/09/2021News

LED Technology advancements are an almost everyday occurrence. From new systems available to fill niche needs, to overall performance increases in main-stream lighting, to new and different dimming configurations and protocols to match the most demanding applications, changes are inevitable. PMC Lighting is proud to stay at the forefront of LED Technology, offering LED systems and options that are at the leading offerings in the field.

What We’re Doing
Today we are announcing a complete overhaul of our mainstream white light linear LED systems, taking advantage of greater efficiencies, higher performance in higher CRI LEDs, and larger lumen output ranges from standard products, among other advancements. Many of our fixture model spec sheets have been updated with new choices for lumen outputs, with the remaining to come in the near future.

How it Impacts Orders
The changes are being made, effective immediately, across the majority of the product line for future orders. For orders that are already in production, nothing will change and the order will move forward as originally specified. Any orders placed using our older lumen output options, but are not in production yet, will be upgraded to the next higher lumen output option available from our new system. These outputs can be reviewed on our new Cut Sheets. Customers will enjoy the benefits derived from this next-gen LED system automatically and no further action is needed.

How it Impacts Available Data
With a change of this magnitude, it has rendered current .ies files available from the website out of date. We are working to update all of our files as quickly as possible.

For those in need of this information immediately, our current .ies files are still accurate from a distribution standpoint. By utilizing an existing file and scaling the fixture output in your analysis software to match the new outputs we offer, accurate .ies data can be created.

PMC Lighting is proud to have introduced exciting new fixtures and lines over the past few years, and to continue to do so in years to come. This addition of updated LED options ensures all fixtures from PMC will be operating with cutting edge technology now and in the future.

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