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Our ultra-miniature LED downlight system is the perfect combination of lens and reflector. Rinata focuses on clean design, premium performance, precise angle alignment, superior glare control, and ease of installation. Offered in downlight and linear options with the ability to customize through our numerous accessories from shape and trim to beam spread and secondary reflector colors.


Jera, a new line from PMC Lighting, combines innovative design and performance with a commitment to give back. With a compact form factor (only 4.04 inches tall), the edge lit technology offers superior performance with a wide batwing distribution. In keeping with the intent of Jera, meaning “Commitment to Earth”, a portion of all proceeds will benefit The Rhode Island Food Bank and The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

akūstik Series

PMC Lighting Inc.’s akūstik Series of lighting fixtures not only provide highly tailorable high quality LED lighting, but also provide noise mitigation in the installed environment. Wrapped in sound deadening material, akūstik fixtures can help reduce ambient noise by absorbing sound instead of reflecting it. With a rating of .45-.90 NRC, the material used to wrap the luminaire has been proven by the manufacturer to reduce overall noise in the environment.

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Not all projects are the same. Not all lighting fixtures should be the same either. That’s why PMC has built its reputation on manufacturing each luminaire to perfectly meet the desired specification. Whether it be altering existing fixture designs to meet an application, or collaborating and fabricating a unique design concept, our design engineers can bring a brilliant idea to life.

Build 2 Spec Downloads

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AURA Tunable Solutions

By using proper light sources and control systems, it is not only possible to produce light in the full spectrum of the rainbow, but also varying shades of white light, from cool white to warm white and everything in between.  Using LED Lighting technology, these colors can be adjusted in a single luminaire both manually, or continuously via specialized control systems.

Functional Finish Options

At PMC Lighting, our Build-2-Spec philosophy centers around the idea of creating custom shapes, colors and finishes unique to your individual space. By crafting a luminaire outside of the traditional, we are able to help you create a memorable space that combines functionality with fashion finishes. With aesthetic finishes like wood grain or custom colors, PMC can outfit you with a fixture that uniquely combines form and function.

pūr-led™ Antimicrobial Lighting

New luminaries join clean, modern, and stylish looks with Vital Vio’s Antimicrobial White Light technology. Whether you have a unique space that needs a Build-2-Spec fixture, or you have a more standard space that one of our ready-to-install fixture options will work in, you will achieve the perfect blend of design form and antimicrobial function for any room or structure.

Illuminated by BIOS®

PMC Lighting is proud to offer lighting embedded with BIOS® SkyBlue® circadian solutions to produce the healthy “blue sky” light signal needed to stimulate human circadian biology. This specific light wavelength communicates directly with human biology through a non-visual photoreceptor to regulate circadian rhythms, providing healthier sleep patterns and ultimately, better health.

BIOS is the only company that has designed a light source which provides the natural blue sky signal our bodies and internal clocks are seeking during the daytime. This BIOS SkyBlue technology addresses and helps remedy the perpetual “twilight” our bodies currently exist in, mitigating the drowsiness during the day and the restlessness at night. BIOS and PMC Lighting are excited to partner to provide biologically optimized solutions in a variety of color temperatures and form factors, enabling the light fixtures to maintain the visual appearance specifiers and end-users want, with the biological stimulus our bodies need. BIOS SkyBlue technology can be integrated into virtually any architectural light fixture and is intended for us in a variety of daytime environments, such as offices, classrooms, hospitals, etc.