May 2019 PMC Lighting Featured Agent of the Month: Alliance Lighting

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PMC Lighting introduces our May Featured Agent, Alliance Lighting.

Cassie Carter, Eastern Regional Sales Manager, selected Alliance Lighting to be our May Featured Agent. “Located in Columbia, MD, Alliance Lighting focuses on Lighting for Designed Spaces. This focus has been a natural fit with PMC Lighting’s Build2Spec focus,” Cassie says. “Working with Alliance has been about more than just the products; it is also about our relationship. Alliance is a dream agency in that their team is savvy, enthusiastic, friendly, and productive.  Their inside sales team is just as strong as the specification sales team.  They are honest about what they need for their market and always looking for new ways to use PMC products.  They have truly diversified their use of PMC product offerings. Their projects range from troffers to linear to curvilinear.  They are loyal, fun, and dedicated.  I look forward to many more years of working with this fine group!”

Mike Devlin, President of Design Sales, says, “Alliance Lighting has a long, extensive history with PMC Lighting dating back 15-plus years. We have always used them as our ‘go-to’ line for standard lighting products, such as 2x2s and downlights.”

Mike specifically states that over the past few years, the products have graduated into something that can be used in every space and at every location within that space. “My designers are no longer limited to office areas but we are now in the Lobbies of Class A buildings in Washington, DC. Visually interesting products are now part of our ‘go-to’ line. Clean lines of light, full integration, and cutting edge technologies have allowed my lighting designers to take notice. No longer is it just architects or engineers reviewing our PMC Submittal drawings.” Just a few of our projects with Alliance are shown in this email.

Mike mentions that over the years, Allliance’s primary contact had been our CEO/President Larry Crystal. “Larry is a great guy who will always get you the answer right away. Replacing him in our market was not an easy task. He spoiled us pretty good! Then, Cassie Carter started with us in 2016 and we couldn’t be happier. She stepped right in and gets my team the answers we need. Based on the years of our strong relationship with those folks, I personally consider them friends.”

PMC Lighting Clarus Pendant Drums at CSR (Courtesy: Fox Architects)

Staying on the cutting edge and delivering products as promised is important in our industry. Mike understands this. “Our market, like every other one, is extremely busy. Products need to be on the jobsite yesterday. PMC makes it happen every time. We know we can call Cassie or Larry directly, and they will do everything in their power to make the design team happy. And my designers know this and appreciate the effort shown. We look forward to the future innovations coming our way and so do my designers.”

Quest Global (Courtesy: SKB Architects) 

Respect and loyalty go hand-in-hand, and in the relationship between Alliance Lighting and PMC, this concept is no exception. Mike says, “I am constantly approached by factories to rep their lines, some very similar lines from even larger companies. However, I found the relationship will carry you further than the products alone. We value the rapport we have built, and feel valued in return.”
PMC Lighting is also proud of our work and our relationship with Alliance Lighting. We look forward to a continued, long association!

AARP HQ in Washington,DC (Courtesy: Joe Faass) 

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