The PMC ArcX Collection Breaks Down Linear Lighting Barriers

By 06/06/2018News

ArcX can be recessed and designed to fit architectural features.

Linear lighting has been a mainstay in the design community for over a decade with very little improvements. The options have been recessed or pendant, uplight or downlight. Aside from LED technology advancements, these have really been the only options to consider. Well, we think that’s boring.

Our ArcX Collection gives designers a whole new realm of possibilities with fixtures limited only by the imagination. Create movement and a sense of curiosity with curved, free-form luminaries that defy the norm. Flow through hallways, circumvent lobbies, or soar over offices. ArcX gives lighting design space to roam without limits.

Design on the vertical AND horizontal plane with ArcX 3D to create one-of-a-kind pendants that are just as much sculpture as they are luminaire. Imagine the possibilities as you design a bespoke luminaire, perfectly fit just for its intended space. A form so integrated into its surroundings that it looks as if it were designed just for that spot…because it was.

Create a source of illumination that surprises and delights onlookers. Linear lighting is everywhere; why not curve your lighting around bookstacks at a library, or create clouds of light at reading stations? Make your lighting design about more than “foot candles.” Make it a destination.

Design your lighting to fit any space, small or large.

Are you looking for a way to differentiate your project? Recess your design into a curved soffit for an understated bit of whimsy in an otherwise normal space. PMC’s ArcX Collection gives designers full creative license to imagine a luminaire in any shape or form.

When looking to specify a large, eye-catching pendant for a hotel or hospital lobby, don’t flip through endless catalogs. Instead, compose your very own one-of-a-kind luminaire, and give the space your personal touch.

Don’t have time to wait for a custom fixture to be built? ArcX Blox allows you to create semi-custom designs with multi-shaped pieces. ArcX Blox gives you the freedom to create a unique design within the constraints of a quick-ship program.

While the ArcX Collection is beautiful, it is also highly functional. Multiple lumen packages and color temperature options make ArcX more than just a pretty face.

ArcX fixtures can be custom-built to order.

Made in the USA, all pieces from the ArcX Collection are available in uplight or downlight, and come standard with dimmable LED drivers.

Don’t just specify your lighting – DESIGN your lighting.

Click here to see our new ArcX Collection Video

ArcX lighting fixtures can be arranged in any fashion.

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