The PMC Lighting Build 2 Spec Advantage

By 11/02/2018News

PMC Lighting’s Build 2 Spec focus means that no space has to settle for the ‘usual’ light fixture.

Whether playing with color or playing with form, Build 2 Spec means a custom lighting fixture that will fit a unique space in a stylish, yet functional way. Build 2 Spec means that almost anything is possible when designing lighting for a space, including adding any RAL color.

The PMC Build 2 Spec Philosophy


PMC works with you to create a luminaire that is attractive, is energy efficient, and performs beyond expectations.


PMC will modify a standard product to fit a non-standard space or to meet the needs of the designer’s aesthetic preferences.


Whether it is a specific color, the desire to keep branding consistent in a commercial space or an artistic shape and design, PMC will powder coat luminaires in any color to match brand identities or add a high level of style to a space.

Build 2 Spec: Community First Credit Union

For Community First Credit Union, based in Florida, PMC Lighting delivered custom ArcX fixtures with painted custom colors that fit the bank’s brand and desired style. As part of the bank’s redesign and upgrade, our luminaires light the signature lobby, which features a relaxation zone and a walk-up ATM.

PMC Lighting has also created lighting for a variety of spaces including airports, banks, and museums. Last month, we began offering something more. With the introduction of pūr-led™ our luminaries will join clean, modern, and stylish looks with Vital Vio’s patented VioSafe® White Light Disinfection® technology. Now even older buildings with unusual spaces can benefit from this perfect blend of design form and disinfecting function for any room or structure.

For more information on our complete product line and to view spec sheets, view Our Products and learn how PMC Lighting can make lighting ideas come to life.

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