PMC Lighting Introduces the E7098

PMC Lighting is happy to announce a new product in our Nelio family of narrow linear LED products, E7098. E7098 features an extruded aluminum fixture housing with a diffuse, 3-sided snap on drop lens for a unique visual impact.  At 2.75” wide and an overall height of 3.88” including the lens, E7098 not only meets ADA requirements when wall mounted, but provides a low profile fixture that has integral drivers and emergency backup options for great flexibility to solve challenging lighting design criteria.

With available standard Corners, Crosses and Tees, and multiple standard fixture lengths from 2’ to 8’, E7097 can be used to create a wide variety of patterns to suit the illuminated space. With our B2S Build-To-Spec capabilities, odd angle corners, crosses and tees, and custom length linear sections allow the use of E7098 to build even non-rectangular patterns to suit the most discriminating specifiers.

Available sensor options, Aura Tunable options, and pur-led disinfectant lighting options round out this fixture model as a very versatile product for use in almost any application.

Click Here To View E7098 Information

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