PMC Lighting Pur-led Collection: Application in Prison Environment

By 04/23/2021News

PMC Lighting recently fulfilled an order for our pur-led fixtures for the Passaic County Jail in New Jersey. As with every large-scale project, we start with an obstacle and progress to a solution using our innovative fixture and function families.

In the coming months, we will showcase this project from its inception to completion, but for now, we take a look at how pur-led with Vyv technology is a natural and beneficial addition to the prison environment. 

This past year has shown that congregate settings are a concern for maximizing a healthy environment for those who live and work in close quarters. The prison is one such space where mold, MRSA, and pneumonia bacteria can grow and affect residents and workers alike.

Focusing on providing the healthiest environment for inmates, pur-led with Vyv antimicrobial technology emits a spectrum of light that damages multiple cell structures within microorganisms and results in the death of the bacterial cell without causing any harm to the people in the facility. In addition to providing illumination, it works to create an inhospitable environment that prevents the growth of bacteria or microbes, which, unlike UV light, harnesses light in the 400-405nm range, which is approved for continuous use for multicellular organisms while avoiding interrupting the daily activities of a space. 

PMC Lighting works to create luminaires that are attractive while saving energy and delivering the power of Vyv. We can easily modify our standard lighting products to meet the requirements of a specific space while incorporating Vyv technology.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our series, where we explore how the Passaic Jail implemented pur-led lighting in their facility.

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