PMC Lighting PŪR-LED™ Collection

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Since the announcement of PMC Lighting’s partnership with Vital Vio last October, we continue to educate regarding these innovative lighting options that can help control bacteria, mold, and fungi in public areas. While a definite application in a medical environment, these lights are also effective in any public space. Hotels, gyms, restaurants, airports, schools, and retail stores can all benefit from Vital Vio’s technology melded with PMC Lighting’s Build2Spec focus.

Hospitals are one of the public places that can benefit from the PŪR-LED™ Collection

This Autumn, from September 17 through September 19, PMC Lighting will be an exhibitor at the HealthCare Facilities Expo and Symposium in Boston. When attendees visit our booth, we will be discussing our PŪR-LED™ Collection and explaining the benefits of this technology and our partnership with Vital Vio. Attendees will also learn how this effective and functional lighting can be incorporated into our Build2Spec luminaires that add style, grace, and beauty to their public spaces. With the PŪR-LED™ Collection you will never sacrifice aesthetics for utility, but can certainly achieve both goals.


Since 1991, PMC Lighting has an established reputation in the design community for our custom and semi-custom lighting fixtures that make it easy for a designer to play with light, color, and shape. We were one of the first manufacturers to offer curved linear fixtures and we pride ourselves on our relationship with designers and our willingness to meet the needs of any project.

We know that not all projects are the same and not all lighting fixtures should be the same either. We manufacture each luminaire to meet the desired specification and we are committed to collaborating with the lighting design community.

Our Build-2-Spec fabrication can take on many forms, whether it is a small adjustment, a new and unique idea, or taking standard product and merging it with the latest technology-just as we have done with our partnership with Vital Vio.

The PMC Lighting and Vital Vio Partnership

Combining PMC Lighting’s Build2Spec philosophy with these germ-fighting lights means that any space- no matter how large or small, no matter if a standard space or unusual configuration- benefits from this safe, effective lighting and true solution to combat sick days and the spread of illness. This means more learning days for students, increased productivity for workers, and safer health care environments for patients. One of its greatest features: It is safe for humans, pets, and plants, so there is no need to fear being in a room with the patented Vital Vio LEDs as they emit their attractive, truly white light. PMC Lighting can incorporate this feature into nearly all of our lighting family collections.

“PMC Lighting is a natural addition to our portfolio of lighting manufacturer partners. We share a culture of innovation and a focus on delighting customers,” said Vital Vio Vice President of Commercialization, Kristin May.  “Together, we provide customers with unique solutions – the most advanced visible light disinfection technology delivered within beautiful custom and semi-custom lighting fixtures. It’s a great pairing and we are confident customers will quickly see the value and reap the benefits.”

How This Advanced Technology Works

The VioSafe® White Light Disinfection® technology continuously protects environments from harmful bacteria using wavelengths of visible light in the 400-450 nm range, which cause bacterial cell death. Unlike harmful UV light, Vital Vio’s Viosafe® Technology is safe for multi-cellular organisms. It does this with white light that looks like ordinary light, but multi-tasks to disinfect and illuminate indoor spaces. When combined with traditional cleaning methods in hospitals, homes, public spaces, and workplaces, continuous safe and effective killing of harmful organisms on indoor surfaces is achieved. With bacteria becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics, this type of light technology is welcome news. Vital Vio holds several U.S. Patents for this much needed and innovative technology and there are several more patents pending.

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