PMC Lighting’s 2021 Sample Return Program

By 11/12/2021News

End 2021 With Less Stuff

Is your sample closet overflowing? Want to declutter before the New Year? Take part in PMC Lighting’s Sample Return Program.

Now through December 31, 2021 PMC Lighting is offering a $100 Amazon Gift Card* to our agents simply for returning our old and no longer used sample fixtures and their cases.

It costs you and your agency nothing. We will provide the cartons, prepaid return labels, and UPS will pick up the package so there is no time spent running to a drop off point for you.

Clear up some space as we start 2022. Contact PMC Lighting before December 31 to get your boxes, labels, and gift card!

*$100 Gift Card is provided to each agency for returning all of the samples that they are no longer using, not for each individual sample.

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