PMC Lighting’s AIA Accredited Course: Multi-Function Lighting Platforms – Hybrid Solutions for the Modern Work Environment

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Beginning Wednesday, September 9th, PMC Lighting will be hosting a weekly webinar on our new AIA HSW presentation:
Multi-Function Lighting Platforms – Hybrid Solutions for the Modern Work Environment
This course is worth 1 AIA HSW/CEU Credit. (CEU 2020 AIA Course Number: 2020.3)
For information on how to be sure you get proper credit for the course click here.

Commercial LED lighting systems have in recent years become the conduit for scientific and technological deliverables that contribute to the comfort, health, safety and wellness of the corporate workforce. Today’s lighting technologies, including antimicrobial, circadian, human centric and acoustical solutions, can be grouped together in a single product platform to provide multi-function hybrid lighting solutions. These unique configurations can help maximize their overall effectiveness in an installed environment while providing the economies of a single product platform with multiple deliverables.

The objectives of this course:
  • Identify and acknowledge the various elements in a corporate work environment that are of importance to the general workforce. 
  • Understand recent advancements in the area of science and LED lighting technology, specifically as it relates to addressing antimicrobial, human circadian, human centric and acoustical applications. 
  • Appreciate the benefits of integrated scientific lighting technologies in providing a comfortable, healthy and safe work environment.
  • Learn of new and developing capabilities to integrate multiple lighting solutions into a single product platform for increased client effectiveness and project cost efficiencies.
This course is ideal for Architects, Interior Designers, Lighting Designers, Engineers, Design-Build Contractors, End-Users, Owners Representatives, Facilities Managers, Operations Managers, Healthcare Professionals and Administrators
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