PMC Lighting’s ArcX Fixtures Light the Veridian Project

By 06/29/2021News

PMC Lighting is pleased to share these photos of our ArcX Lighting at the newly renovated Veridian Center in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

This two-story formerly multi-tenant building was transformed into a dedicated 22,055 square foot home for the Bentek/Gehring Group. Architects birse/thomas designed the updated space using the existing, unique curvature of the building and created a modern, industrial look incorporating the color blue. The floor plan and the lighting followed these curves and created a new office space which included new restrooms, two cafe/break areas, and a new gym area. The unique lighting defines the open workspaces and serves as a wayfinding element for the users. Our ArcX Collection with curved, free-form luminaries was a natural fit for this type of curved architecture.

The shared space in the middle of the building is tied together with a staircase that links the two-story building. This staircase leads workers from the second story work area to the large cafe. The flexible cafe space can be used for meetings and presentations, a place to enjoy lunch, a coffee break, or for other uses.

Psychological studies have shown that the color ‘blue’ represents confidence, authority, and a calming environment; thus, blue became the color palette to promote corporate branding and a tranquil setting. Paired with the lush exterior plants and vibrant tree canopies, the natural hues set a calming tone for the workday.

The goal to create a collaborative work environment by including these social areas was met and a workspace that inspires productivity and also creativity was achieved. On average, one-third of human life is spent working, and it should be done in a positive culture that improves your daily life experience!

PMC Lighting would like to thank our agent Claus Brix at  Infinity Architectural Lighting,  the General Contractor Maddox Group and  Sandy Dewitt Photography for generously sharing these images.

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