Rinata RLF

Multi-Cell Small Aperture Linear

Our ultra-miniature LED recessed downlight system is the perfect combination of lens and reflector. Rinata focuses on clean design, premium performance, precise angle alignment, superior glare control, and ease of installation with the ability to customize through our numerous accessories. Trimless option available. RLF1 is 37x37mm, 1.48” x 1.48” cutout. 220 lumens. RLF2 is 62x37mm, 2.45” x 1.48” cutout. 390 lumens. RLF3 is 90x37mm, 3.6” x 1.48” cutout. 670 lumens. RLF4 is 66x66mm, 2.62” x 2.62” cutout. 780 lumens. RLF5 is 147x37mm, 5.67” x 1.48” cutout. 1100 lumens. RLF10 is 292 x 37mm, 11.1” x 1.48” cutout. 2200 lumens.

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