September 2019 Featured Agent: Illuminations, Inc.

PMC Lighting introduces our September Featured Agent, Illuminations, Inc. 

This month, PMC Lighting has chosen Illuminations, Inc. as our Agent of the Month. Illuminations offers comprehensive sales, application, and technical support,providing exceptional service from project inception to completion and serves Eastern PA, Southern NJ, and Delaware.

“Illuminations has been a consistent supporter of PMC for many years. They have a talented and knowledgeable specification sales team and a strong inside sales team, covering a large territory,” explains PMC Lighting’s Cassie Carter. “Philadelphia is one of the most competitive markets in the country, Illuminations works hard to beat the competition.”

PMC Lighting and Illuminations, Inc. project at the Philadelphia Phillies Facility

“PMC Lighting is best known to our team as a company we can rely on for quick responses and willingness to modify products to make a fixture work within the requirements of specific projects,” shares Illuminations Inside Sales Manager Karen Garner. “Craig Nevers, who is their chief engineer, is incredibly thorough in his responses fielding technical questions and modification requests. He’s one of the best in the industry.  Larry Crystal, President of PMC Lighting, takes a personal interest in projects. Larry and our Prinicpal, George Lyngarkos have become personal friends over the last 20 years. Both companies have evolved from small operations looking to get a foot in the door, to selective companies, respected in the specification community.”

Larry (L) and George: Friends and Associates

PMC Lighting and Illuminations, Inc. worked on this project at Giant Foods in Hanover, PA.

“PMC has recently been instrumental in securing several pieces of business by working closely with us and the design team to meet their needs,” continues Karen. “Lehigh Valley Elementary School is a prime example. PMC modified the S82 series for a wider center opening to accommodate the specifiers vision of what he wanted in the space. Without their flexibility and quick response, we would have lost that opportunity. They were also key in helping us secure the Mount Laurel School District and Harrah’s Atlantic City – Gordon Ramsay Steak House projects.”

S82 Series                             SCX-2196   

“Most recently, I worked closely with Rob Hammerschlag on a Healthcare project in which PMC integrated our PŪR-LED™ disinfection technology into a custom sealed troffer,” Cassie adds. “Rob was diligent and integral in getting PMC this opportunity and continues to be a well of support for our product line. In fact, working with Rob Hammerschlag has allowed us to add a new product to our line, the recently released SCX-2196.”

Karen continues her praise of PMC. “PMC has a lot of flexibility for corporate and commercial spaces to give designers their own signature statement pieces. The ArcX takes simple linear products one step further where you can curve it either horizontal or vertically to really stretch the imagination. They also have capabilities for RGBW and color tuning. TONS OF POSSIBILITIES! We look forward to continuing to grow together!”

Thank you, Karen! It’s been our pleasure to work with you, as well. Here’s to the future!

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