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PMC Lighting: 2018 Year in a Review and Looking Ahead to 2019

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Reflecting on 2018

As this busy year draws to a close, it is time to look back on the projects and partnerships that have defined 2018. It has been an exciting and interesting time for us here at PMC Lighting as we continue to focus on offering custom Build-2-Spec lighting as we have since 1991.

The Introduction of New Technology With Our Vital Vio Partnership

One of the biggest announcements that we made this year is the partnership between PMC Lighting and Vital Vio and the creation of our pūr-led luminaries.  The combination of the germ reducing technology of Vital Vio’s patented VioSafe® White Light Disinfection® technology with our Build 2 Spec focus means new options for useful and safe lighting products from which everyone can benefit. With this partnership came the development of the Vital Vio webinar, created to highlight the benefits and applications of this disinfecting technology and educate our sales agents about our newest product line.

Custom Fixture and Expanded Options With Build2Spec

This has always been the working philosophy of PMC, we have really just now given it a name.  The vast majority of Build2Spec is day to day adaptation that doesn’t really result in something different enough that it isn’t covered by our existing specification sheets.  It could be the simple addition of a special lens material, a custom length fixture for wall to wall applications, or a special lumen output level to achieve just the right light levels in a space. These are all examples of Build2Spec that don’t result in a brand new fixture model and/or specification sheet.  However some Build2Spec project do result in new models of fixtures.  In 2018 there were a total of 41 new custom fixture models developed, each different enough from anything else PMC has produced to require a new fixture model number, and each resulting from a customer need.

Expanding our Engineering Department

We have two new additions to our engineering department.

Paul Shapiro is a Senior Design Engineer who is focusing on new product development to expand the PMC line of products.

Alexander Richardson, is a Junior Design Engineer who is focused on job layout drawings and specification packages for production orders as they enter engineering.

Craig Nevers continues as Chief Engineer with oversight of all engineering and product development activities, but also has a special focus on the Build2Spec aspect of our business, the design for specific applications, customization and adaptation of products on a project by project basis.

Introduction of Our New ARCX Collection

In 2018 we took the ARCX line and turned it on its side.  Now in addition to curves on the horizontal plane, we introduced ARCX2 which is curved on the vertical plane.  By combining the 2 into a single pattern you can create 3 dimensional assemblies (aka ARCX3D) in a wide variety of patterns and sizes.

We also redesigned the Direct/Indirect version of ARCX to give better distribution of light, a more even illumination of the downward facing lens without sacrificing optical efficiency, and easing manufacturing to gain pricing advantages that we have built into pricing on the affected models.

Wide Distribution Optics for Indirect Fixtures

In 2018 we implemented precision injection molded optics for the indirect side of most of the PMC linear LED line that provide a very wide distribution of light virtually eliminating the typical “hot spot” over the fixture when suspended fixture are mounted close to the ceiling surface.  These optics are an option on most of the PMC line and are only limited in use by fixture size and, in the case of the ARCX family, the tightness of the radius.

In addition to the wide distribution optics a variety of controlled beam spread and asymmetric output optics are available for use on some fixture models used in direct illumination applications.

Specification Sheets and other Documentation Improvements

While the project we had underway to revamp our entire set of specification sheets earlier in 2018 had to be suspended, we regrouped in October and the result is a brand new, easier to read specification sheet format that has begun to be implemented (starting with the new pūr-led specification sheets). These spec sheets now incorporate editable fields for use in making type specific specifications.  This new, information-packed spec sheet format will be implemented across all the PMC standard line of fixtures in the months ahead.

And it won’t stop there.  Installation instruction sheets will also get a revamp and basic installation information will be added to the specification sheets to create a more robust set of PMC documentation available online.  We have also begun investigation into added information for our job specific layout drawings that will be phased in on a job by job basis.

We continue to update and improve our resources and we have recently made website improvements including a new resources folder with downloadable gallery and the updated spec sheets that can be quickly downloaded and printed. We will continue this rollout in 2019.

 Introduction of The Agent Portal for Easy Access to Information

This space is just for you. Our agent portal has been updated with current inventory lists, a new price guide, and has our archive of videos, webinars, and slideshow trainings. With this portal you are able to learn about our products at a time that is convenient for you.

Looking Forward to 2019

While there is sure to be additions to our goal list for the year, here are just a few things that we are planning.

Expanded Brochures and Folders for Prospective Clients

Our new brochure folders for the Vital Vio line debuted in November and in 2019, there will be new folders for other lines.  Those identified for implementation first are folders for Tunable Solutions and Build2Spec capabilities.  These updated folders will be perfect to share printed specification sheets or other relevant information with prospective clients.

New Quarterly Webinar Schedule

Upcoming quarterly webinars in 2019 will provide the most up-to-date information and education on product lines, so that you can highlight benefits and features when speaking to potential clients and will be able to recommend the best products for unique applications and project specifications.

Instructional, Information and Entertaining Videos

Get your popcorn ready…we also have plans to expand our video content on the website and create new YouTube content in 2019.

Expanded Fixture and Job Photography

This is one of our goals that YOU, as our sales agent, can help us with! It is a challenge for us to get good job site photographs of PMC products.  Everyone needs these but getting them so that we can share can be arduous. Please, everyone, keep this in mind and if you have the opportunity to take a few photos of any PMC product in the field, please do so and send them in to us. Take it on your Iphone, Android, or any other convenient means.  They need not be 100% professional quality but should clearly show out product(s) in their environment.  It may be that the photo you send in will help another agent in another part of the continent secure the business for PMC.  And their efforts may help you.  Any effort you make is appreciated and will be featured in upcoming blogs, on the website and across our social media channels and credit given to the agent and the photographer.

We hope that you are looking forward to a fresh, new slate in 2019 and we appreciate you being with us in 2018.

Wishing all a Happy Holiday and healthy and prosperous New Year.

The PMC Lighting team