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PMC Lighting: Turning The Page to 2021

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All through this year, we have been shown examples of resilience and adaptability through the changes we all had to deal with in 2020. From scheduled conferences and trade shows being rescheduled to our daily meetings shifting from in-person to all virtual, PMC Lighting and our agents worked to find the best solutions to continue to meet our customers’ needs and retain as much normalcy as possible. To best provide education to our agents and reps, we created and presented webinars, product training sessions, and new AIA  Accredited Courses.

To start the year, we co-hosted a webinar with Vyv (formally Vital Vio) on the use of antimicrobial lighting solutions (such as our pūr-led line) in commercial lighting applications. Following this, after the start of the pandemic, we addressed the timely subject of Lighting for Health, Safety, and Wellness in the Post-Pandemic Era which offered AIA credit and discussed the application of our pūr-led family in the post-pandemic environment. In late summer, we offered our course in Multi-Function Lighting Platforms – Hybrid Solutions for the Modern Work Environment which discussed today’s lighting technologies, including antimicrobial, circadian, human-centric, and acoustical solutions.  

After the launch of our Jera line, we also provided training to our reps after they received their Jera samples. This training is still available if you have not taken advantage of your session. 

In addition to these items, we added a total of 30 new custom Build2Spec products. These items were significant enough in their unique design that they warranted their own new model number which lead to new product releases in 2020.

Below we have recapped our product releases this year, including the fixtures that came from our Build-2-Spec creations, and we look forward to our upcoming releases in 2021.

Thank you to all of our agents and reps that worked with us during this challenging year. We are sending our best wishes from the entire PMC Lighting team for a wonderful Holiday and a very Happy New Year. 

PMC Lighting 2020 Releases

Our January releases included the introduction of the SC2183 and SC2184 to the Silea family of products. SC2183 is the fixture to choose when the space calls for a little bit of style. Mix and match depths of drop within a space for a truly unique textured ceiling look. SC2184 features a flush diffuser mimicking the ceiling surface for those applications where a smooth flat ceiling surface is desired.

In February, our Silea line also had two new additions. These new additions were designed to mimic a ceiling skylight. The SC2175 can be tailored to match most delivered lumen needs, while the SC2191 added a Wet Location model for your consideration. 

Our biggest release of the year took place in June with the debut of Jera. Jera combines innovative design and performance with a commitment to give back. With a compact form factor (only 4.04 inches tall), the edge-lit technology offers superior performance with a wide batwing distribution. And in keeping with the intent of Jera, meaning “Commitment to Earth”, a portion of all proceeds benefits The Rhode Island Food Bank and The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

For July, new Marble and Granite Powder Coated finishes became available in a variety of colors and styles. They provide the look of stone, without the weight, cost, or inconvenience. These realistic-looking color choices have a beautiful appearance and are ultra-lightweight and also protects high humidity or outdoor environments. 

Also this month, we made our pūr-led line, which incorporates the antimicrobial technology of Vyv, available in 3000K.

In August, we relaunched our partnership with BIOS Skyblue® Lighting Solutions. This lighting is designed to provide the specific circadian stimulus required to improve overall sleep quality and to positively impact daytime productivity and overall feelings of well-being.

September brought the announcement of new additions to our peri-mittari family of perimeter luminaires, E3126.  While the flush-lens perimeter E3126 is represented by a single model number, multiple options for aperture width, mounting style, and optical diffusers make this model configurable to fill many needs.

Our final release of 2020 added to our Nelio family of luminaires. S4350 and E7100 both feature high efficiency LED systems and a wide range of color temperature, lumen output level choices, and can be customized through our Build 2 Spec program.