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The PMC Lighting Headquarters

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PMC Lighting is a true lighting solutions provider, and our products have been proudly Made In The USA for over 30 years. From concept to completion, luminaires bearing the name PMC Lighting are Made To Order in our modern-day facility located in Warwick, Rhode Island.

With the expertise of our well-trained team, PMC hand-crafts each quality luminaire. The luminaires are designed, manufactured, powder-coated, and individually tested by our highly skilled engineers and technical professionals to meet your performance expectations.

Let’s take a tour of PMC Lighting and watch as our employees work at our Warwick, Rhode Island facility to bring Innovative Designs with Quality Craftsmanship to life for use in a variety of commercial spaces.

PMC Lighting: Quality. Innovation. Made In The USA.

New Additions to Our Peri-Mittari Family

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PMC Lighting is pleased to announce new additions to our peri-mittari family of perimeter luminaires, E3126.  While the flush-lens perimeter E3126 is represented by a single model number, multiple options for aperture width, mounting style, and optical diffusers make this model configurable to fill many needs.

The features of E3126 include:

  • Snap-in lenses to control light distribution for Diffuse, Asymmetric, Bat Wing, Wall Graze and Wall Wash applications.  Asymmetric lenses are reversible in fixture for toward or away from the wall output
  • 3 cross sectional profile widths, 2.5″, 3.25″, and 4.0″
  • Mounting options for all common ceiling types
    Continuously illuminated direct output with corners available
  • Customizable under PMC Lighting’s Build2Spec program
  • Color, tunable white, pur-led, and bios lighting options available
  • Wet location available

Learn More Here

If you have any questions, please contact your PMC Regional Manager.

Eastern Region- Larry Crystal
Western Region- Jim Smith


Addressing Coronavirus Supply Chain Disruption Concerns

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With many concerns about Coronavirus and the potential effects its spread may have on PMC Lighting’s ability to deliver product, we would like to remind everyone that PMC Lighting is a true US producing manufacturer. We use local vendors for the vast majority of our components and purchase our raw materials, aluminum, and steel, from domestic suppliers. All of our designs are engineered, fabricated, assembled, packaged, and shipped from North America.
With any modern LED-based lighting system, the critical components are LED Drivers and LED Boards. We are happy to say that our major suppliers of LED drivers and LED boards assemble these in the USA or Mexico. Our distributors for these items stock very large quantities of all the models we use. Our local manufacturers also heavily stock components in their manufacturing facilities in the USA or Mexico and many also primarily source components outside of China.
While PMC and our critical component suppliers are not immediately affected by issues in China, if there is a lengthy disruption in the supply chain such that driver and board manufacturers cannot get components that go into these critical items, then we could see a lengthening of lead times after all distributor and manufacturer stocks are depleted. If conditions come to that point, it would be an issue that would affect every fixture manufacturer globally, not just PMC. We do maintain alternate sources for critical components and would leverage these to provide fixtures in a timely manner should there be a time when the supply chain for these components tightens.
No one really can predict the future with 100% accuracy when it comes to times such as these. You can be assured that no matter what business conditions exist, PMC Lighting will do everything within our power to provide our customers with timely delivery of the products they need. If any customer has concerns about getting fixtures for their projects from PMC Lighting we recommend talking with us about your needs early.
As always we thank you for your support. Together we will work through whatever world situations come about.
Craig S. Nevers PMC Lighting, Director – Product Engineering

Aesthetics and Function: PMC Lighting’s Products Deliver Non Traditional Lighting Options

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In our modern world, we want performance; specifically, products that deliver the results that the manufacturer offers. On the flip side, we want this functionality to be combined with aesthetically-pleasing exteriors. Can we have it all? With PMC Lighting’s lighting collections, designers, architects, and specifiers will find that the answer to this question is: YES.

Basic, traditional lighting is still available; but why not explore non-traditional lighting to make commercial spaces more than just utilitarian areas? 

pur led powered by vital vio

Disinfecting Function 

Vital Vio’s White Light Disinfection® Technology can be added to PMC Lighting’s luminaires to  deliver the disinfecting power of Vital Vio. We can integrate Vital Vio technology to any application or aesthetic preferences. We create a precisely engineered luminaire that meets your space needs with the benefit of infection control. pūr-led™ luminaries have clean, modern, and stylish looks to achieve the perfect blend of design form and disinfecting function for any room or structure.

Restore Circadian Rhythm and Promote Better Sleep

PMC Lighting’s luminaires can be easily fitted with BIOS® SkyBlue® circadian solutions to produce the healthy “blue sky” light signal needed to stimulate human circadian biology. This specific light wavelength communicates directly with human biology to regulate circadian rhythms, provide healthier sleep patterns and ultimately, better health. Having an improved circadian rhythm can positively impact daytime productivity and overall feelings of well-being to a variety of workers. BIOS SkyBlue technology can be integrated into virtually any architectural light fixture and is intended for use in a variety of daytime environments, such as offices, classrooms, hospitals, etc.

Mitigate Noise with Akustik

PMC Lighting Inc.’s akūstik lighting fixtures provide high quality LED lighting as well as noise mitigation in the installed environment. Wrapped in sound deadening material, Akūstik fixtures are wrapped in sound-deadening material and can help reduce ambient noise by absorbing sound instead of reflecting it. That feature can reduce the negative effects of a noisy environment, while still adding beauty and style to various environments where reduced noise is desirable. 


Our ArcX Collection gives designers the ability to create a sense of movement with curved, free-form luminaries that can flow through hallways, circumvent lobbies, or soar over offices. Ranging from understated to bold, ArcX lighting can keep branding consistent throughout a space. By using personalized colors or whimsical shapes, a building’s lobbies, office spaces, and hallways can come alive and make a statement with modern, fresh lighting.


PMC Lighting custom designs lighting fixtures that are created to meet a desired specification. Designers can play with light, color, and shape. Each luminaire is manufactured to perfectly bring a brilliant idea to life. PMC collaborates with designers and specifiers to create lighting and luminaires that inspire and delight onlookers, but also deliver energy efficiency and control options for ease of use.We think beyond the traditional or standard. We can now meld beautiful lighting with disinfecting capabilities, sound-reducing features, and tunable technology.

PMC would love to answer any questions you might have about our catalog of products. We can combine several functions to create the optimal lighting for your project. Contact a sales agent for more information.


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PMC Lighting introduces a new member of our PŪR-LED™ collection. The SCX2196-LED adds another option for designers to add patented, safe, disinfecting technology to public spaces.

Features of the SCX2196-LED include:

  • Sealed extruded aluminum welded housing – Wet Location standard
  • Flanged or Flangeless recessed mounting
  • Removable lens in a gasketed lens frame (tamper resistant hardware options)
  • Light dramatically reduces bacteria on any surface it touches.
  • Spaces that can benefit from a pur-led luminaire include hospitals, gyms, airplanes, offices, locker rooms, daycares, schools, and restaurants
  • Ability to switch between White Light Disinfection Mode and Eco Mode

Learn more at the links below, contact us for more information, or visit us in booth 625 at HFSE 2019 in Boston, MA, September 17 -18 to view and demo the product.

Learn More

Download Spec Sheet

PMC LIGHTING Nelio ES Series Reinvented

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PMC Lighting introduces our 2nd Generation improvements to the ES and ES D/I Series.

You may already be familiar with the ES fixtures in the Nelio collection, but now there are NEW features that you will want to know about when considering lighting options.

The features of the ES Series include:

  • Snap-in lenses to control light distribution for Diffuse, Asymmetric, Bat Wing, Wall Graze and Wall Wash applications
  • Direct or Indirect cross sectional profiles (including 5 new)
  • 6 Direct/Indirect cross sectional profiles (including 3 new)
  • Wet location available on all Direct distribution models
  • Continuously illuminated direct side available on D/I distribution models
  • Customizable under PMC Lighting’s Build2Spec program including corners, tee’s, and crosses
  • Color, Tunable White, and pur-led lighting options available

For more information, be sure to click below for updated product information and specification sheets.

Learn more about the Nelio ES Series

View the ES Series Spec Sheet

Learn more about the Nelio ES/DI Series

View the ES/DI Series Spec Sheet

PMC Lighting’s Neliö Collection

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PMC Lighting’s core product line is the Neliö collection. Neliö provides the finest designer rectilinear shaped lighting for commercial spaces. Neliö is perfect for those projects that need stylish lighting, made to order, delivered right on-time. With competitive pricing and our commitment to meet your budget and construction deadlines, the Neliö line is an ideal choice.

Proudly made in the USA and available in extruded aluminum and die-formed steel, Neliö products can be tailored to fit your application with multiple lengths, widths, lamping configurations, and other options. Should your application call for sleek, clean, geometric architecture, Neliö enhances those lines and creates a stunning visual impact. If you wish your lighting to play a supporting role that merely complements a design and architecture, Neliö is the right choice. When you choose Neliö products, you decide how much impact the lighting will have on your unique space. Whatever your goals may be, PMC Lighting will be sure that our product meets them.

Neliö Options:

Neliö Aluminum Product Series

ESExtruded Aluminum Square fixtures reinforce clean architectural details while offering multiple sizes, light distributions, lamp configurations, and options. Standard mounting options include surface, pendant, adjustable aircraft cable, and wall mount. 

ES-RExtruded Aluminum Square Recessed fixtures are clean and non-intrusive into the space. With multiple lamping and diffuser options, this series offers the ideal lighting solution tailored to your application. Neliö offers T-Bar and flange mounting options standard. 

Neliö Steel Product Series 

S — Die-formed Steel Square fixtures reinforce clean architectural details while offering multiple sizes, light distributions, lamp configurations and options. Standard mounting options include surface, pendant, adjustable aircraft cable and wall mount. 

S-R — Die-formed Steel Square Recessed fixtures are clean and non-intrusive into the space. With multiple lamping and diffuser options, this series offers the ideal lighting solution tailored to your application. Neliö offers T-bar and flange mounting options standard. 

Our popular linear slot sizes currently include 2, 3, and 4 inch while we continue to expand the options in the Neliö family. Our latest addition, the S9062, features a modern and fresh design. Its narrow, open-ended rectilinear housing with integral driver delivers a visual impact in any space. With over 40 combinations of optical solutions and lumen options, the S9062 Series provides architectural style while delivering the performance choices needed to customize solutions to match the specific needs of the space.


New Addition to the Nelio Product Family

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PMC Lighting is happy to announce an exciting new addition to our Nelio product family – the S9062 series. 

With a fresh, modern design, the new S9062 Series allows for direct distribution from reflected light for a soft “indirect lighting” feel. The unique narrow, open-ended rectilinear housing with integral driver delivers a comfortable visual impact in any space. Multiple mounting and optical options are available, including suspended, surface and recessed versions with direct and direct/indirect performance options and an indirect wide batwing distribution.

The Nelio S9062 Series steel housing provides a quality and economical alternative to existing competitive product offerings.  With over 40 combinations of optical solutions and lumen options, the S9062 Series provides architectural style while delivering the performance choices needed to customize solutions to match the specific needs of the space.

Download the S9062 Spec Sheet Here

The Nelio S9062 Series is also available with integral Aura Color and Tunable White Solutions. Consult PMC Lighting for this and other custom Build-2-Spec product opportunities.


PMC Lighting-Made In The U.S.A.

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Made in the U.S.A. 

It’s a label we are proud to bear here at PMC Lighting. By marking our fixtures with this label, we signify quality, innovation, durability, and most importantly, pride. Affixing this label to our products means that we have taken the time and effort to build a high-quality product with the skilled craftsmen of our great country. It means delivering a product that has appeal and value for the consumer. The concept and principles that define “Made In the U.S.A.” are so important to us, they are etched in our statement of core values and are part of PMC Lighting’s philosophy.

We are truly a U.S. manufacturer. We use local vendors and seek long-term relationships with U.S. supplier partners who share our goal of creating a sustainable, high-value supply chain to support our customers and the end-user market.  All of our designs are engineered, fabricated, assembled, packaged, and shipped from North America from our facility in Rhode Island. Our state of the art progressive tooling is equally matched by our experienced and dedicated team of employees, driving us to create the highest quality luminaires and premiere lighting systems available today. From the ArcX collection to pūr-led™ disinfecting lighting, all are American made. 

As a domestic manufacturer, we know that our work helps to stimulate the American economy. Did you know that for every dollar invested in manufacturing here in the United States, $1.89 is added back into the economy? And by manufacturing products here, we contribute to a cleaner environment and decrease tons of emissions that global shipping releases. Made In The U.S.A. means a greener environment.

Since increased costs of foreign-made goods have caused concerns, it is important to reiterate that products Made In The U.S.A. are not subject to recently imposed tariffs. Most importantly, when you purchase Made In The U.S.A. products, you are helping to protect and increase American jobs and invest in the United States.

Beyond Made in the U.S.A., PMC Lighting’s products are Made in R.I.

We think being based in Rhode Island is special. Rhode Island is a unique place, a melting pot of different ethnicities, with some of the best food, beaches, and history in the country. Manufacturing has had a home in Rhode Island from Slater Mill and the Industrial Revolution to modern machine shops and jewelry making. Basing our manufacturing operations in the state is a natural fit.

PMC Lighting embodies the tenacious American spirit in all that we do. Made In The U.S.A. is who and what we are. Wishing all a Happy Independence Day!