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Introducing PMC Lighting’s SC2175 and SC2191

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Following the introduction last month of two new products in the Silea family of products, PMC Lighting is pleased to announce two more additions to the Silea family.
Designed to mimic a ceiling skylight, SC2175 features a 1-5/8″ regressed lens and is available in a variety of sizes matching typical T-Grid installations.  Flange kits for installation into sheet rock ceilings are available for 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’ sizes.  With 8 different lumen output choices per size, and 3 diffuser material choices, SC2175 can be tailored to match most delivered lumen needs.
SC2191 adds a Wet Location model to the Silea family. Building off of our SC2144 model by adding a rigid lens frame and gasketed lens, SC2191 retains the architectural style of the SC2144 but in a wet location offering.  With the protective lens flush to the ceiling, SC2191 lends itself to applications where a wipe down troffer style fixture is needed.   SC2191 may also be specified as a vandal resistant model incorporating a clear polycarbonate protective lens and tamper resistant hardware.

Introducing PMC Lighting’s SC2183 and SC2184

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PMC Lighting is happy to introduce 2 new additions to our Silea family of products – SC2183 and SC2184.  Both models are designed for T-Grid installation and are available in nominal 2’x2’, 2’ x 4’ and 4’ x 4’ sizes.  Flange kits for installation in sheet rock ceilings are available for 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’ sizes.

SC2183  features a white acrylic drop diffuser with or without a center recess which adds additional architectural detail.  Available in a wide range of lumen output choices and depths of diffuser drop, SC2183 is the fixture to choose when the space calls for a little bit of style.  Mix and match depths of drop within a space for a truly unique textured ceiling look.

View SC2183 Information and Download Spec Sheets

SC2184 features a flush diffuser mimicking the ceiling surface for those applications where a smooth flat ceiling surface is desired.  With available diffuser material to match the drop diffusers of SC2183, and identical lumen output choices, SC2184 can also be used as a flush lens matching fixture to SC2183 giving depths of drop from 0” – 6”.

View SC2184 Information and Download Spec Sheets

A full range of tunable solutions are available for both new models as is the ability to customize to match the most demanding of installations.

Introducing PMC Lighting’s E7096

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Building on the successful release of our E7098 last month, PMC Lighting is proud to take that platform one step further with the introduction of our latest new product, E7096.  E7096, in the Nelio LED family of fixtures takes E7098 and turns it on its side to create a series of pre-assembled patterns with the main illuminated surface facing either inward or outward.

With 15 different standard square and rectangular patterns ranging in size from 1’ x 1’ up to 8’ x 8’, E7096 is set to tackle challenging design requirements for a low profile suspended luminaire sized to match almost any shaped space. With inward facing lenses that produce a wide batwing style illumination on both the direct and indirect sides, direct visualization of the illuminated lenses is minimized while still providing highly effective illumination of the space.  Or choose outward facing lenses for maximum illumination to the sides of the fixture, making a bold and dramatic statement in the space in which it is installed.

With 3 standard finish colors, and PMC Lighting’s wide ranging RAL color availability, along with several available wood grain finished, E7096 can be customized in appearance with an almost limitless array of colors to match any décor.

Clean mitered corners with diffuse high efficiency lenses, lumen outputs from 350 to 2200 lm/ft, a wide range of color temperature choices along with tunable color and while light choices, and standard 0-10v dimming down to 1% make for a very versatile and elegantly timeless lighting solution for your next project.

PMC Lighting Introduces the E7098

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PMC Lighting is happy to announce a new product in our Nelio family of narrow linear LED products, E7098. E7098 features an extruded aluminum fixture housing with a diffuse, 3-sided snap on drop lens for a unique visual impact.  At 2.75” wide and an overall height of 3.88” including the lens, E7098 not only meets ADA requirements when wall mounted, but provides a low profile fixture that has integral drivers and emergency backup options for great flexibility to solve challenging lighting design criteria.

With available standard Corners, Crosses and Tees, and multiple standard fixture lengths from 2’ to 8’, E7097 can be used to create a wide variety of patterns to suit the illuminated space. With our B2S Build-To-Spec capabilities, odd angle corners, crosses and tees, and custom length linear sections allow the use of E7098 to build even non-rectangular patterns to suit the most discriminating specifiers.

Available sensor options, Aura Tunable options, and pur-led disinfectant lighting options round out this fixture model as a very versatile product for use in almost any application.

Click Here To View E7098 Information

New Addition to the Peri-Mittari Product Family

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PMC Lighting is pleased to announce an exciting new addition to our Peri-Mittari product family – the RC3121

RC3121 fills a void in the PMC Lighting line of perimeter lighting by providing a recessed cove product with asymmetric light output. With an adjustable sliding shield option, RC3121 lets the user adjust the light output to keep the area above and behind the installed fixture dark if desired, while directing light output onto the adjacent ceiling. Together with RC5626, which has rotatable wide beam optics, PMC Lighting covers ceiling lighting applications.

However, if you need something special, our Build-2-Spec capabilities allow PMC to respond to your specific needs. Whether it be a special size fixture to match an existing cove, custom length fixtures to run the entire length of a space wall-to-wall, colored light output, tunable white light output, special dimming requirements, or any number of other required capabilities, PMC Lighting will work with you to satisfy your cove lighting specification needs.

Click here to view the the RC3121 Spec Sheet

New Addition to the Nelio Product Family

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PMC Lighting is happy to announce an exciting new addition to our Nelio product family – the S9062 series. 

With a fresh, modern design, the new S9062 Series allows for direct distribution from reflected light for a soft “indirect lighting” feel. The unique narrow, open-ended rectilinear housing with integral driver delivers a comfortable visual impact in any space. Multiple mounting and optical options are available, including suspended, surface and recessed versions with direct and direct/indirect performance options and an indirect wide batwing distribution.

The Nelio S9062 Series steel housing provides a quality and economical alternative to existing competitive product offerings.  With over 40 combinations of optical solutions and lumen options, the S9062 Series provides architectural style while delivering the performance choices needed to customize solutions to match the specific needs of the space.

Download the S9062 Spec Sheet Here

The Nelio S9062 Series is also available with integral Aura Color and Tunable White Solutions. Consult PMC Lighting for this and other custom Build-2-Spec product opportunities.