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Addressing Coronavirus Supply Chain Disruption Concerns

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With many concerns about Coronavirus and the potential effects its spread may have on PMC Lighting’s ability to deliver product, we would like to remind everyone that PMC Lighting is a true US producing manufacturer. We use local vendors for the vast majority of our components and purchase our raw materials, aluminum, and steel, from domestic suppliers. All of our designs are engineered, fabricated, assembled, packaged, and shipped from North America.
With any modern LED-based lighting system, the critical components are LED Drivers and LED Boards. We are happy to say that our major suppliers of LED drivers and LED boards assemble these in the USA or Mexico. Our distributors for these items stock very large quantities of all the models we use. Our local manufacturers also heavily stock components in their manufacturing facilities in the USA or Mexico and many also primarily source components outside of China.
While PMC and our critical component suppliers are not immediately affected by issues in China, if there is a lengthy disruption in the supply chain such that driver and board manufacturers cannot get components that go into these critical items, then we could see a lengthening of lead times after all distributor and manufacturer stocks are depleted. If conditions come to that point, it would be an issue that would affect every fixture manufacturer globally, not just PMC. We do maintain alternate sources for critical components and would leverage these to provide fixtures in a timely manner should there be a time when the supply chain for these components tightens.
No one really can predict the future with 100% accuracy when it comes to times such as these. You can be assured that no matter what business conditions exist, PMC Lighting will do everything within our power to provide our customers with timely delivery of the products they need. If any customer has concerns about getting fixtures for their projects from PMC Lighting we recommend talking with us about your needs early.
As always we thank you for your support. Together we will work through whatever world situations come about.
Craig S. Nevers PMC Lighting, Director – Product Engineering