The Benefits of BIOS® Technology

By 10/18/2019News

PMC Lighting is Illuminated by BIOS® to provide healthy, low energy lighting that promotes improved sleep, better health and well-being.

BIOS® SkyBlue® lighting solutions is designed to provide the specific circadian stimulus required to improve overall sleep quality, allowing our bodies to better recover during the night. Having an improved circadian rhythm can positively impact daytime productivity and overall feelings of well-being.


Humans evolved around the sun. The human circadian rhythm—the internal clock that tells our body when to sleep and when to wake—takes its cues from the sun. It is an evolutionary function stamped into our DNA.
We are blue sky seeking creatures. In modern society, however, we live mostly indoors under artificial light— and it’s having a negative effect on our health.

“Social jet lag”—a term coined to describe the uneven sleeping patterns that are caused by indoor lighting and the modern work-life schedule—leads to increased risk for serious health conditions including heart disease, obesity, diabetes, depression and even ADHD in children. Humans need natural light—and we’re not getting enough of it. BIOS has a solution.


BIOS SkyBlue lighting is driving health, happiness and productivity for a variety of industries, including hospitals and healthcare facilities, office and workplace, senior living centers, and educational facilities.

Healthcare- Improve output from staff and outcomes for care

Workplace- Create a move productive and healthier workforce

Senior Living- Reduce depression, agitation, sundowners syndrome and nighttime wandering

Education- Bring energy and focus back to the classroom

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