Title 24 | JA8

PMC is excited to share that our Rinata 68 and Rinata 100 downlights with IC rated housings have officially been approved by the California Energy Commission (CEC) and are now Title 24/JA8 compliant!

What is Title 24/JA8?

Title 24 of the California Energy Commission is located in the California Code of Regulations. Fully named California Building Standards Code, it is additional requirements for energy-efficient compliancy for lighting in residential and non-residential buildings. This measure helps to better the quality of life in both indoor and outdoor environments.

What are the Requirements for Title 24/JA8 Compliant Lighting?

To make sure you have the correct lighting, follow the list of requirements given by the California Energy Commission. Keep in mind that these requirements change or are updated every three years so make sure to keep track of rules so that you get the best lighting experience possible.

Here are a few of the most important parts:

  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) needs to be under 4000 Kelvin
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) needs to be greater than 90
  • Must have a rated lifetime of at least 15,000 hours
  • All light fixtures that have a screw-based socket must only use JA8 marked bulbs
  • Wall mounted outdoor lights are required to be controlled by a combination of the following: Photocell and motion sensor/time switch, or an astronomical time clock

It is important to note that most of the requirements for Title 24/JA8 build off the requirements that Title 20 called for on 1/1/2017. Some of these requirements are as follows:

  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) needs to be greater than 80
  • Must have a rated lifetime of at least 10,000 hours
  • Light bulbs must be Energy Star rated
  • Needs to be dimmable down to 10%


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