Tunable Solutions: Customizing Lighting

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The modern way of lighting a building or public space is customized…in fact we spoke about customized shapes and curved lighting in last month’s blog. Now we take a look at how to go about customizing light’s temperature and color to suit a space or application.

How often do you think of the power of light? We don’t mean the power of just flipping a switch to illuminate a room. But how the temperature, color, and brightness of light influences daily life.

Customizing Brightness and White Light Color Temperature

Science shows that light affects us on a myriad of levels. From energy levels to mood to productivity, light plays a part. Since our busy lives can mean that we are often not outside and exposed to natural light, having lighting that can be adjusted to mimic daylight and the sun’s daily progression can be beneficial to those who work indoors. This is also beneficial in school settings where light can keep students engaged and attentive throughout the school day.

A recent example of our work being used for this purpose is in the Willie Ortiz State Office Building in Albuquerque, NM. The repurposed basement of the office building would allow for no windows or natural light. We engineered a solution that created a hybrid solution of task lighting above centrally located workstations and perimeter cove lighting simulating clerestory skylights to give the effect of access to the outdoors.

Customizing Color

Light in every color of the rainbow spectrum can be produced, as well as shades of white light: cool white to warm white…and everything in between. LED technology allows these colors to be adjusted manually, or continuously using specialized controls.

One of the projects that PMC Lighting’s Nelio fixtures were installed in is the Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City, UT. Our high-efficiency fixtures were chosen because the whole spectrum could illuminate the ceiling and these color effects were also visible from outside of the building. A remote touch screen controls the changes to up-light colors. Operators can change the colors at any time. This color-changing technology added fun and a new dimension for attendees of events in the arena.

Below we have included some images of our color changing RGBW via DMX Controls at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.

PMC Lighting Tunable Solutions Color Changing Lights at St. Vincent's Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.PMC Lighting Tunable Solutions Color Changing Lights at St. Vincent's Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.PMC Lighting Tunable Solutions Color Changing Lights at St. Vincent's Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Applications for Tunable Lighting

PMC Lighting’s tunable lighting is perfect for lighting designers looking for:

  • Perfectly Natural Light
  • Dimming from 100% to 1%
  • Industry Leading color rendering (Ra) greater than 90 CRI, throughout the tuning range
  • Consistent color over the life of the module
  • Wired or Wireless Control
  • Accuracy and Consistency
  • Connectivity for Groups and Scenes
  • Improve health benefits in an environment by replicating circadian rhythm.

PMC Lighting’s Build2Spec product design capabilities provide customized solutions for unique project application, appearance, and performance requirements. We make your lighting ideas come to life.

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