Vyv White Light Antimicrobial Technology

We all know the importance of eliminating bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses. Hospitals, sports arenas, day cares and airports spend thousands of dollars trying to keep germs, and the infections they cause, at bay.

The Covid-19 pandemic events of 2020/2021 have shined even more of a light on how diseases can impact our lives in such a drastic way.

With the cost of treating illnesses caused by bacterial or viral infections on the rise, reducing the growth of germs that cause them has become a top priority. It’s clear that our current procedures, including the intermittent use of chemical sprays and wipes, aren’t enough.  We need additional tools.  And that’s where the continuous antimicrobial power of our pūr-led™ line with Vyv (formally Vital Vio) can be put to work.

pūr-led™ fixtures with Vyv’s Antimicrobial White Light emit a true white light, that dramatically reduces contamination and infection risk with the flip of  a switch.

The Science of pūr-led™ with Vyv's White Light Antimicrobial Technology

Vyv’s antimicrobial technology emits a spectrum of light that damages multiple cell structures within microorganisms. This results in the death of the bacterial cell, without causing any harm to the people, pets and plants in the room.

In addition to all the efficacy testing Vyv has done to date on microbes like bacteria, mold, yeast, and fungi, Vyv has recently received results validating the efficacy of the technology against viruses. This testing was performed on both non-enveloped and enveloped viruses and included testing on SARS-CoV-2 specifically. In addition to Vyv’s testing results, completed by independent labs, there have been recent academic studies confirming efficacy of 405 nm light (the wavelengths Vyv uses in its products) on enveloped viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza A.

Learn more about Vyv technology and viruses.

This light touches the surfaces of a room – the same ones we do, — providing us with illumination, while working to create an inhospitable environment that prevents the growth of bacteria or microbes.

Unlike UV light, Vyv’s Antimicrobial White Light harnesses light in the 400-405nm range which is approved for continuous use for multi-cellular organisms.

The International Electrotechnical Commission – the international standards organization that prepares and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies – has certified, as administered by Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL), that pūr-led products with Vyv are for continuous and unrestricted use around people, pets and plants.

And because it’s as easy as flipping a switch, using pūr-led with Vyv’s Antimicrobial White Light doesn’t interrupt the daily activities of a space. No longer do hospitals have to wait for routine cleaning times, or restaurants have to wait for patrons to leave, to begin disinfecting the space. The continuous nature of these lights also removes the human error in cleaning, ensuring effective antimicrobial action around the clock.

PMC Lighting with Vyv

The natural and powerful fit of PMC Lighting’s Build-2-Spec Philosophy and Vyv’s Antimicrobial White Light meets PMC’s commitment to delivering on 3 Basic Principles:
Innovation, Integration, and Inspiration.

Innovation: Working With You To Create a Build-2-Spec luminaire that will be attractive while also saving energy and delivering  the disinfecting power of Vyv.

Integration: Modifying Standard Products to meet the requirements of the specific Vyv application or aesthetic preferences.

Inspiration: A preferred color scheme or consistent branding in a particular space can be achieved in businesses wishing to utilize Vyv.

PMC’s Build-2-Spec focus means that you will receive a precisely engineered luminaire that meets your space needs. In an existing structure, this means a space where a standard fixture will not fit can have the protection and benefit of infection control. It will allow customization of space.

In a new structure or renovated building, you will not sacrifice design and style for the utility of infection reduction by Vital Vio.

This Build-2-Spec ability to customize by PMC Lighting proves a natural fit for those looking to combine form and function.

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pūr-led™ with Vyv

pūr-led™ luminaries will join clean, modern, and stylish looks with Vyv’s Antimicrobial White Light Technology. Whether you have a unique space that needs a Build-2-Spec fixture, or you have a more standard space that one of our ready-to-install fixture options will work in, you will achieve the perfect blend of design form and antimicrobial function for any room or structure.

A Leader in the Industry

Vyv is the leader in clinical research for antimicrobial white light. Want proof? Click below to view detailed case studies and results from internal and independent research on the Efficacy of 405 Light.
prevention infection with Vital Vio
preventing infection with Vital Vio technology

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a virus and a bacterium?
Is this technology safe?

While using light to reduce germs is not a new practice, using Vyv’s antimicrobial light technology is. The most commonly recognized way is Ultra Violet (UV) light. Unfortunately, the UV wavelength of 250 nm damages DNA, and is harmful to human skin and eyes.

pūr-led lights with Vyv’s Antimicbrobial White Light emit light at a 400-405 nm wavelength that kills single cell organisms (like bacteria) but causes no harm to multicellular ones (like humans).

What bacteria can light fixtures withy Vyv kill?

pūr-led with Vyv’s lighting technology has been proven effective in killing gram negative and gram positive bacteria, bacterial endospores, yeast, mold and fungi. Please inquire with PMC for a full list and specific research and case studies testing the germs of most concern to you.

What were the results of Vyv’s third-party tests against viruses?

After 4 hours at 1.0 mW/cm2 irradiance, SARS-CoV-2 achieved a 1.81-log (98.45%) reduction. This is an important validation of the pre-print data from Mount Sinai (see below) as it was done using the dried sample technique called for in the EPA-accepted standard methodology for antimicrobial testing (Mt. Sinai was not). This result means that we have third party results for both non-enveloped an enveloped viruses at overhead light levels, strengthening Vyv’s claims using standard test methods at light levels commonly seen in real world use.

Testing was conducted against MS2 bacteriophage, a non-enveloped virus, at levels that are equivalent to overhead light levels (0.05 mW/cm2 ), and a higher, “close-up” level (2 mW/cm2 ). After 8 hours at overhead light levels, a 1.54-log reduction (97.12%) was achieved. At the higher light level, a greater than 3.82-log reduction (99.985%) was achieved.

Does Vyv kill viruses on surfaces and in the air?

Based on the results of Vyv’s testing, it is confirmed that Vyv antimicrobial lights directly impact viruses on surfaces. As the exciting data are rapidly accumulating on the effectiveness of 405 nm light on both non-enveloped and enveloped viruses, Vyv anticipates expanded research with its proprietary antimicrobial light technology and inactivation of viruses in a growing set of environmental conditions, including air. Important data on the effectiveness of viral destruction in aerosol form are needed to understand how overhead light levels impact enveloped viruses like SARS-CoV-2 in the air. Non-enveloped viruses like those that cause the common cold are often transferred by surface contact. Research will continue in this area to accumulate a greater understanding of various test environments as well as various room light intensities.

Do these lights also kill naturally occurring, healthy bacteria on humans?

A majority of good bacteria lives inside your gut – which is unaffected by outside light. Any good bacteria on your skin usually lives one or two layers down, and is often covered by clothing.

Any good bacteria on your skin killed by disinfecting light is minimal, and those that are would naturally repopulate over time.

What areas can be disinfected by lights with Vyv?

pūr-led with Vyv’s Antimicrobial White Light works by dramatically reducing bacteria on any surface it touches as well as helping to prevent future growth. Any place your eyes can see illuminated is being affected by Vyv technology.

What about when the lights are off?

The longer pūr-led with Vyv’s Antimicrobial White Light is on, the better it works. When a room is not in use, pūr-led lights powered by Vyv have the option to be turned to “Enhanced Antimicrobial Mode” which kills with 2X the antimicrobial dosage.

Will these lights fit within my current structure, or design plan?

With PMC Lighting’s Build-2-Spec ability to customize lighting, we can create a fixture that will fit any existing space or design style. Now you can take advantage of Vyv’s Antimicrobial White Light Technology, without sacrificing design or space.

Learn More about PMC Lighting with Vyv

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